mixellany® (MIKS-uh-ley-nee; Brit. mik-SEL-uh-nee)noun, plural -nies

1. Original written works of classic cocktail and distillation scholarship.

2. Bespoke historical research and publication services for the beverage industry.

3. Thought-provoking masterclasses on diverse mixological scholarship.

4. Online resource for cocktail and drink historical research.


Pour yourself a drink and join us for a while. ​We've been around since Halloween night 1995 as Shaken not Stirred®: A Celebration of the Martini (aka: Martiniplace.com) and show no sign of leaving (even though we have become Mixellany.com). One thing remains the same. We are dedicated to presenting thoughts about all things related to the history of cocktails and spirits, bartenders and bartending:  plus a few anecdotes and recipes. Most of all there's healthy dose of reminding you that quality over quantity counts in the true appreciation of the spirits and mixed drinks.


(Also being of legal drinking age in your particular country of residence when you enter this site will make all of us feel a whole lot better.)